Yo Soy Tu Niña

Yo Soy Tu Niña is an original telenovela-style film series that addresses the issue of teen pregnancy among Latinas - nearly twice the national average.

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STEM Film Series

The S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) film series increases knowledge of S.T.E.M. awareness, careers and the importance of parent involvement with their child’s education – specifically in math and science. Special emphasis is placed on increasing the participation of Latinas in S.T.E.M.

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Mi Educación Video

Mi Educación

The “Mi Educación (My Education) Film Series is an award-winning, multi-media program consisting of seven HD films and English/Spanish curriculum. Mi Educación helps Latino students plan for the future and aspire to be the first in their family to attend college.

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16 Summers Video

16 Summers

This exciting multimedia college access program, featuring actor Nick Cannon, is designed to prepare students and their families for higher education.

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Since 2006, Novelas Educativas® has used Entertainment-Education (E-E) strategies to produce successful digital media resources and outreach campaigns that engage, inform and motivate diverse communities to take action and improve their lives.

Mi Educacion Film Series Helps Latino families from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds that do not possess the necessary “college knowledge” that many middle/upper middle class parents use to successfully prepare their children for college. More Info

Mis Finanzas Film Series This Film Series addressses financial challenges by breaking down Language barriers, complex systems and application processes, fear and distrust in the system, Lack of financial and home ownership knowledge, and more.

Mi Futuro Film Series The need to connect with Latino youth and help them successfully transition into adulthood as never been greater. This film series was created to address these barriers through real-life stories that offer a positive message.

Mi Salud The goal of this film series is to expand the number of Latino families that enjoy healthy lifestyles and achieve good health and well-being

Novelas Educativas® are entertaining films that incorporate educational messages to inform and motivate individuals to take action in their lives

Our company partners with community colleges, universities, national foundations, and non-profits to develop digital media initiatives and produce media tools as part of academic curriculum, classroom instruction, and outreach to underserved groups.

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Novelas Educativas are films that incorporate educational messages to inform and motivate individuals to take action in their lives.