Mi Futuro

The Mi Futuro Film Series addresses the need to connect with Latino youth and help them successfully transition into adulthood. This need has never been greater.

  • Deadend Gangs

    Dead End Gangs

    A young man is persuaded to spend time with the wrong crowd and starts to skip class and do drugs. The lifestyle suddenly claims his older brother's life and the young man learns that while his only brother died, he still has his life and an opportunity to realize his dreams.

  • Video Mybabyandi

    My Baby and I

    Unexpected events in a young woman's life lead her to give up her dreams and question her future. The downward slide reaces a critical low-point that moves the young woman to think about what she can still achieve in life and how to best plan for tomorrow. Knowledge gained: "My Baby" is a film that helps young people understand that it is important to adjust to life's challenges and that it's never too late to pursue your dreams.

  • Video Elcerco

    El Cerco

    "El Cerco" is a classic story of a grandfather sharing with his grandson the basics in life and choosing between "right or wrong" and how a young person can be anything they want to be in the U.S.

  • Video Fulltime

    Full Time

    A young, single mom shares with her co-worker the opportunities and resources available to her as she attends college and is employed. Knowledge gained: Young people and single parents learn about resources from public programs that provide opportunities to go to college, even if you have a family and are working.

  • Video Hireed

    Hire Ed

    Shows a young latino male being mentored by role models as he learns the value of a college education and career opportunities. Knowledge gained: Young people will learn the importance of a college degree and how t gives you the power of saying "no" to dead-end jobs.

Novelas Educativas® are films that incorporate educational messages to inform and motivate individuals to take action in their lives.