Mis Finanzas

The Mis Finanzas Film Series focuses on the following challenges. 55% Latinos do not have credit cards. 43% do not have bank accounts. 49% Latinos own a home compared to 69% nationally.

  • Mi Sueno

    Mi Sueño

    Mi Sueño - The film focuses on the Lopez family as they attempt to buy their first home. After encountering many obstacles, Victoria and her husband, Antonio, receive valuable counseling and learn about resources that help them to realize their dream of becoming homeowners. Knowledge Gained: Latino families learn how to access home buying resources, secure a loan, and avoid predatory lending scams. Also, they learn how to understand their credit history and the necessary requisites for buying a home.

  • Nuestro Hogar1

    Nuestro Hogar

    Nuestro Hogar - Chris, a young man, is invited to meet the family for the first time. As the family is having dinner, the topic of refinancing is brought up and Chris, a loan officer, helps the family understand the concepts of refinancing a home in a resonsible manner. Knowledge Gained: The film introduces the concept of refinancing a home to lower monthly payments and how to avoid lending scams

Novelas Educativas® are films that incorporate educational messages to inform and motivate individuals to take action in their lives.