Mi Education Film Series (Library Use)

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Library Use. Lending to individuals for personal, home use. Illegal for classroom or instructional purposes of any kind.

Mi Educación Film Series helps Latino families from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds that do not possess the necessary "college knowledge" that many middle and upper middle class parents use to successfully prepare their children for college. The film series emphasizes the academic requirements that must be met at middle school and high school in order to go on to college. The Novelas Educativas™ help students and parents understand the process for applying to college and receiving financial aid. Novelas Educativas DVDs are playable on a broad range of consumer DVD players and personal computers. In some cases, we ship DVD titles on DVD-R discs. We use only high-quality Verbatum brand discs, to ensure that your investment will last for many years

Price: $149.95

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Novelas Educativas® are films that incorporate educational messages to inform and motivate individuals to take action in their lives.