Yo Soy Tu Niña

Yo Soy Tu Niña is an original telenovela-style film series that addresses the issue of teen pregnancy among Latinas – nearly twice the national average. This film series is based on a national study conducted by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy and the National Council of La Raza, and is rooted in real-life teenage experiences and raises awareness about teenage pregnancy, youth sexual and reproductive health.

Launching in 2013, Yo Soy Tu Niña aims to promote open dialogues between teenagers and parents, and motivate youth to make responsible, informed decisions regarding their future.

Yo Soy Tu Niña is a collaboration between Novelas Educativas® and PCI Media Impact – a leader in the field of Entertainment-Education for 25 years – and will be released nationwide using Media Impact’s My Community methodology that is centered on Community Mobilization campaigns that empower target audiences. Please let us know, if you’re interested in bringing “Yo Soy Tu Niña” to your community.

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